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Prof. Dr. Hélia H. Sato

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Prof. Dr. Hélia H. Sato


Food Biochemistry Laboratory I

Food Biochemistry Laboratory II

Research Interests

Microbial, plant and animal enzymes. Selection of microorganisms that produce enzymes and other metabolites. Enzyme production, including optimization of fermentation processes, and enzyme extraction and purification. Enzyme characterization and application. Immobilization of enzymes and microorganisms. Production of oligosaccharides/prebiotics, flavors, bioactive peptides, alternative sugars, etc.

Selected Publications

OAK, PH; KAWAGUTI, HY; SOUZA, WFC; SATO, HH Immobilization of Serratia plymuthica by ionic gelation and cross linking with transglutaminase for the conversion of sucrose to isomaltulose. Bioprocess and Biosystems Engineering (INTERNET) , v. 2, p. 105995, 2021.

CERESINO, EB; JOHANSSON, E.; SATO, HH; PLIVELIC, T.; HALLS.; KUKTAITE, R. Morphological and structural heterogeneity of solid gliadin food foams modified with transglutaminase and food grade dispersants. Food Hydrocolloids , v.108, p. 105995, 2020.

ANGELOTTI, JAF; DAYS, FFG; SATO, HH; FERNANDES, P.; NAKAJIMA, VM; MACEDO, JA Improvement of aglycone content in soy isoflavones extract by free and immobilized β-glucosidase and their effects in lipid accumulation. Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology , v. June, p. 1-17, 2020.

CERESINO, EB; KUKTAITE, R.; HEDENQVIST, MIKAEL S.; SATO, HH; JOHANSSON, E. Processing conditions and transglutaminase sources to drive the wheat gluten dough quality. Innovative Food Science & Emerging Technologies , v.65, p. 102439, 2020.

CERESINO, EB; DE MELO, RR; KUKTAITE, R.; HEDENQVIST, MS; ZUCCHI, TD; JOHANSSON, E.; SATO, HH Transglutaminase from newly isolated Streptomyces sp. CBMAI 1617: Production optimization, characterization and evaluation in wheat protein and dough systems. Food Chemistry , v. 241, p. 403-410, 2018.

DAYS. FFG; BOGUSZ JUNIOR, S.; WANG, LH; AUGUSTO, F.; SATO, HH Acrylamide mitigation in French fries using native L-asparaginase from Aspergillus oryzae CCT 3940. LWT-Food Science and Technology , vol. 76, p. 222-229, 2017.

DE CASTRO, RJS; SATO, HH Biologically active peptides: Processes for their generation, purification and identification and applications as natural additives in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Food Research International , v. 74, p. 185-198, 2015.



Address: Address: Rua Monteiro Lobato - 80, Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz. Campinas, sp

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