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Prof. Dr. Anderson S. Sant'Ana


Prof. Anderson S. Sant'Ana


Quantitative Food Microbiology Laboratory

Research Interests

Incidence, quantification and phenotypic and genotypic characterization of spoilage and pathogenic food microorganisms. Research on sporulating bacteria and heat resistant fungi of food importance; and beneficial microorganisms in food and beverages. Effects of operations and processing on spoilage microorganisms and important pathogens of foods. Thermobacteriology applied to food. Predictive behavior modeling of spoilage/pathogenic bacteria and mycotoxigenic fungi in food. Risk analysis. Construction, validation and application of quantitative risk assessment models for pathogenic bacteria, mycotoxigenic fungi and parasites/protozoa of importance in food.

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Selected Publications

BAPTIST, RC; HORITA, CN; SANTANA, AS . Natural products with preservative properties for enhancing the microbiological safety and extending the shelf-life of seafood: a review. FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL , v. 127, p. 108762, 2020.


ESCHER, GB; MARQUES, MB ; CARMO, MAV; AZEVEDO, L.; FURTADO, MM; Sant'Ana, Anderson S.; Silva, MC; GENOVESE, MI; WEN, M.; ZHANG, L.; OH, WY; SHAHIDI, FEREIDOON ; ROSSO, ND ; Granato, D. . Clitoria ternatea petal bioactive compounds display antioxidant, antihemolytic and antihypertensive effects, inhibit α-amylase and α-glucosidase activities and reduce human LDL cholesterol and DNA induced oxidation. FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL , v. 128, p. 108763, 2020.


KHANEGHAH, AMIN MOUSAVI ; ABHARI, KHADIJEH; E', ISMAIL; SOARES, MARIANA B.; OLIVEIRA, RODRIGO BA; HOSSEINI, HEDAYAT; REZAEI, MOHAMMAD; BALTHAZAR, CELSO F.; SILVA, RAMON; Cruz, Adriano G.; RANADHEERA, C. SENAKA; SANT?ANA, ANDERSON S. . Interactions between probiotics and pathogenic microorganisms in hosts and foods: A review. TRENDS IN FOOD SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY , v. 95, p. 205-218, 2020.


Research Grants

FAPESP Thematic Grant

Meat quality in Bos indicus cattle: biological markers for meat product attributes at different final pH ranges  

FAPESP Regular Grant

"PredicAquaMics" - quality study, microbiological safety, predictive modeling and microbial diversity in Mineral water

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Address: Rua Monteiro Lobato - 80, Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz. Campinas, sp

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