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Prof. Dr. Ruann de Castro


Prof. Ruann Janser Soares de Castro

Permanent professor

Food Biochemistry Laboratory

Research Interests

Applied biochemistry and biotechnology food research. Production of microbial enzymes using submerged and solid state fermentation. Optimization of enzymatic and fermentative processes using experimental design. Enzymatic treatments of different substrates for bioactive compound production. Evaluation of antioxidant, antihypertensive, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, anti-adipogenic and anti-diabetic activity of bioactive compounds. Isolation, purification and identification of compounds with biological activity. Recovery of compounds with biological potential from residues and by-products of animal, vegetable and microbial origin.

Selected Publications

Linhas de Pesquisa

MATOS, FM; NOVELLI, PK; DE CASTRO, RJS Enzymatic hydrolysis of black cricket (Gryllus assimilalis) proteins positively affects their antioxidant properties. Journal of Food Science , vol. 86, p. 571-578, 2021.

RASERA, GB; HILKNER, MH; DE CASTRO, RJS Free and insoluble-bound phenolics: how does the variation of these compounds affect the antioxidant properties of mustard grains during germination? Food Research International , v. 133, p. 109115, 2020.

DE CASTRO, RJS; OHARA, A.; AGUILAR, JGS; DOMINGUES, MAF Nutritional, functional and biological properties of insect proteins: Processes for achieving, consumption and future challenges. Trends in Food Science and Technology , vol. 76, p. 82-89, 2018.

DE CASTRO, RJS; DOMINGUES, MAF; OHARA, A.; OKURO, PK; DOS SANTOS, JG; BREXÓ, RP; SATO, HH Whey protein as a key component in food systems: physicochemical properties, production technologies and applications. Food Structure , v. 14, p. 17-29, 2017.

DE CASTRO, RJS; BAGAGLI, MP; SATO, HH Improving the functional properties of milk proteins: focus on the specificities of proteolytic enzymes. Current Opinion in Food Science , vol. 1, p. 64-69, 2015.

DE CASTRO, RJS; SATO, HH Biologically active peptides: Processes for their generation, purification and identification and applications as natural additives in the food and pharmaceutical industries. Food Research International , v. 74, p. 185-198, 2015.

DE CASTRO, RJS; OHARA, A.; NISHIDE, TG; ALBERNAZ, JRM; SOARES, MH; SATO, HH A new approach to proteases production by Aspergillus niger based on the kinetic and thermodynamic parameters of the enzymes obtained. Biocatalysis and Agricultural Biotechnology , v. 4, p. 199-207, 2015.

Research Grants

FAPESP Regular Grant

Associated biological processes for the production of multifunctional compounds: effects of germination, fermentation and enzymatic hydrolysis on the bioactive properties of lentils (Lens culinaris). Term: 2017 - 2020.

CNPq Grant

Modification of the biological potential of black cricket (Gryllus assimilalis) proteins: how does enzymatic hydrolysis affect its bioactive properties? Effective: 2019 - current.

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Address: Address: Address: Rua Monteiro Lobato - 80, Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz. Campinas, sp

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