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Prof. Dr. Lilian Regina B. Mariutti


Prof. Lilian Regina Barros Mariutti

Permanent Professor

Research Interests

Oxidation of lipids, proteins and cholesterol, natural antioxidants, natural pigments. Development and validation of methodologies for food analysis. Mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS and GC-MS), and bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds and nutrients; and product development and oxidative stability .

Selected Publications

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Marcella Camargo Marques, Adriele Hacke, Celso Andrade Camargo Neto, Lilian RB Mariutti, Impact of phenolic compounds in the digestion and absorption of carotenoids. Current Opinion in Food Science , Volume 39, 2021, Pages 190-196.

Antônio Bisconsin-Júnior, Heber Rodrigues, Jorge H. Behrens, Verena S. Lima, Maria Aparecida Azevedo P. da Silva, Mari Silvia R. de Oliveira, Lorena A. Januário, Rosires Deliza, Flávia Maria Netto, Lilian Regina B. Mariutti , Examining the role of regional culture and geographical distances on the representation of unfamiliar foods in a continental-size country, Food Quality and Preference , Volume 79, 2020, 103779, ISSN 0950-3293.


Daniele Bobrowski Rodrigues, Adriana Zerlotti Mercadante, Lilian Regina Barros Mariutti, Marigold carotenoids: Much more than lutein esters, Food Research International , Volume 119, 2019, Pages 653-664, ISSN 0963-9969.


Lilian RB Mariutti, Adriana Z. Mercadante, Carotenoid esters analysis and occurrence: What do we know so far?, Archives of Biochemistry and Biophysics , Volume 648, 2018, Pages 36-43,

ISSN 0003-9861.


Francisco J. Barba, Lilian RB Mariutti, Neura Bragagnolo, Adriana Z. Mercadante, Gustavo V. Barbosa-Cánovas, Vibeke Orlien, Bioaccessibility of bioactive compounds from fruits and vegetables after thermal and nonthermal processing, Trends in Food Science & Technology , Volume 67 , 2017, Pages 195-206, ISSN 0924-2244.


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Address: Rua Monteiro Lobato - 80, Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz. Campinas, sp

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