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Prof. Dr. Liliana O. Rocha


Prof. Liliana O. Rocha


Food Microbiology Laboratory I (Food Fungi and Mycotoxins)

Research Interests

Characterization of spoilage and toxigenic fungi present in food and beverages. Occurrence of mycotoxins in cereals and prevalence in processed foods. Fungal genetics and evolution of genes involved in secondary metabolism, focusing mainly on mycotoxins. Potential for genetic exchange between microorganisms from different ecosystems. Use of -omics and bioinformatic tools for genetic data analysis. Methods for detection and quantification of mycotoxins. Study of emerging technologies for the control of fungi and mycotoxins.

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Selected Publications

TRALAMAZZA, SABINA MOSER ; PIACENTINI, KARIM CRISTINA; SAVI, GEOVANA DAGOSTIM; CARNIELLI-QUEIROZ, LORENA; DE CARVALHO SOURCES, LÍVIA; MARTINS, CAMILA SIEDLARCZYK ; CORRÊA, BENEDITO ; ROCHA, LILIANA OLIVEIRA. Wild rice (O. latifolia) from natural ecosystems in the Pantanal region of Brazil: Host to Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex and highly contaminated by zearalenone. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FOOD MICROBIOLOGY , vol. 345, p. 109127, 2021.

IWASE, CAIO HT ; PIACENTINI, KARIM C.; GIOMO, PATRÍCIA P. ; Ç ; WAWROSZOVA, SIMONA ; Bělachova, S.; MINELLA, EUCLYDES; ROCHA, LILIANA O. Characterization of the Fusarium sambucinum species complex and detection of multiple mycotoxins in Brazilian barley samples. FOOD RESEARCH INTERNATIONAL , v. 136, p. 109336, 2020.

CARAMES, ELEM TAMIRYS ; PIACENTINI, KARIM C.; ALVES, LUCAS TEIXEIRA; PALLONE, JULIANA AZEVEDO LIMA ; ROCHA, LILIANA DE OLIVEIRA. NIR spectroscopy and chemometric tools to identify high content of deoxynivalenol in barley. Food Additives and Contaminants Part A-Chemistry Analysis Control Exposure & Risk Assessment, v. 1, p. 1-11, 2020.

PEDROSO PEREIRA, LARA TSCHOPOKO; PUTNIK, PREDRAG; TADASHI IWASE, CAIO HENRIQUE; DE OLIVEIRA ROCHA, LILIANA. Deoxynivalenol: insights on genetics, analytical methods and occurrence. CURRENT OPINION IN FOOD SCIENCE , vol. 24, p. 1-8, 2019.

TRALAMAZZA, SABINA MOSER ; ROCHA, LO; OGGENFUSS, U.; Correa, B.; CROLL, D. Complex Evolutionary Origins of Specialized Metabolite Gene Cluster Diversity among the Plant Pathogenic Fungi of the Fusarium graminearum Species Complex. Genome Biology and Evolution , vol. 11, p. 3106-3122, 2019.

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Research Grants


FAPESP Young Investigator Grant

FAPESP: 2017/04811-4. Population structure of the Fusarium graminearum species complex; and profile of mycotoxin contamination in cultivated and wild barley in Brazil. 




Address: Rua Monteiro Lobato - 80, Cidade Universitária Zeferino Vaz. Campinas, sp

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